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Current Projects


Tape-to-Digital Services

We are continually undertaking projects to digitize old videotapes and films before they deteriorate to such a state that they cannot be played.


University of Rochester Sports Livestream

SEVideo is responsible for streaming most of the university's games as well as providing other select game media services.


Digitizing SEV's
Extensive Video Archives

We are converting, to digital media files, the thousands of tapes we have for the many events SEV has recorded over the past 3 decades. They will uploaded and offered for sale on our website. Click the "BUY" button at the top of the screen to see what we have completed so far.


A Day in the Life

A local lawyer has engaged SEV to produce a video highlighting the challenge of living with injuries & disabilities suffered in an auto accident. The video is to be used in litigation. Requires multiple on-site recording sessions and editing.



We are working with a client to develop an advertising campaign with a "Mission Impossible" slant to it.


Product Marketing & Use Videos

We have two separate clients who each have unique products to sell. SEV will be working closely with them to develop marketing plans, media & more!

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